Video Doorbell Comparison

Ring Video Doorbell is a new Amazon device - Wi-fi enabled video doorbell that notifies the homeowner via its smartphone app when a guest arrives.
The doorbell is equipped with an HD camera, infrared night vision, and motion sensors. It activates when the guest presses the doorbell button (or, alternatively, when it senses somebody near the door via its motion sensors). The homeowner can then immediately start a two-way talk with the guest via the app.

Top 5 Benefits of Installing a Ring Video Doorbell  -  Unique Features that Traditional Doorbells do not Have

- You can courteously hide from guests who you do not want to talk now

They are not criminals, this may be an annoying neighbor or relative who likes to come to you often to blackmouth someone and share the latest rumors that you are never interested in. Sometimes we are simply not in the mood to invite guests, even if we are generally fond of them. Having a video doorbell lets you see who is at the door without informing them about your presence so you can choose whether to answer them or not without offending them by your rejection.
You can simply not answer them or answer by saying that you are not at home now.

 - You do not have to be at home to talk with the guest

Voice call feature allowing the host to speak with the guest from anywhere, wherever the host is at the moment, should appeal most to Airbnb hosts. For example, if foreign Airbnb guests arrive when you're not home, it can be difficult for them to place a local call. The Ring allows them to let you know about their arrival using the doorbell.
The host can inform the guest about where the key is hidden, and even open the door (if the door is provided with a smart lock). Thus, the guest has the possibility to check in even without a physical presence of the host.
Likewise, such voice calls are also very helpful for those who often buy through online retailers, like Amazon. It enables the homeowner to ask a delivery guy to leave a package with a neighbor.

- You can make guests think that you are always at home, even if you are not there

This feature is critically important to protect your home from burglary. Burglars tend to ring the doorbell before breaking into a home. Criminals do so to make sure nobody's home before they start their crime. Using Ring, homeowners can give the illusion they are home, even when they are really not.
Keep an eye on your home when you’re away from it is so important for crime prevention that home insurance companies subsidize video doorbells for customers and police departments have praised them. After Ring gave away doorbells in a Los Angeles neighborhood, LAPD announced burglaries declined 55% in six months in the area - “Delivering presence to the front door is the most important thing, I’ve never seen anything that has reduced crime more.” -  said Jamie Siminoff, Ring founder.

- Night vision allows you to see guests even in total darkness

Ring camera includes an infrared sensor for night vision, which allows seeing who is at your door even when it’s completely dark out. Thus, the provisions for night-lighting of your porch are greatly simplified also.

- You can detect and track suspicious activity at the door

All the time, even when the doorbell button is not pressed, the system analyzes what happens in front of the door using artificial intelligence. It can be configured to, for example, detect a person stepping on your lawn (and notify you about it through the iOS or Android app), but ignore a passing car.
This feature will greatly protect you also from another type of criminal - package theft. The device provides video evidence and identification of the thief’s face for the police. Footage of burglars and package thieves from smart doorbells has become a fixture of local TV news - therefore, smart thieves avoid houses if they see such a device at the front door.
It also works well with ill-mannered neighbors and allows you to seek retribution when a neighbor (or neighbor’s dog) leaves a mess on your lawn.

Ring Models Comparison - Original vs. 2 vs. Pro vs. Elite

Ring Video Doorbell

The original Ring Video Doorbell model is an affordable solution for any budget. It provides all the basic security features - 180-degree HD camera with a 720p resolution, two-way voice communication, motion sensors, night vision, and mobile app with alerts, allowing you to talk with your guests and monitor your door, porch, and lawn from wherever you are.
The camera resolution of this model is lower than that of other models, which makes it optimal for a slower Wifi connection. Problems with a Wi-fi connection may occur, for example, when you want to install it very far (say about a hundred feet away) from your Wifi router or when there are several concrete walls between. The recommended bandwidth for the original Ring model is only 1 Mb, not 2 Mb, as for the other Ring models.
This model has different metallic color options, so you can choose the color that best suits your home exterior.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

The next Ring Video Doorbell 2 model provides a number of upgrades over its predecessor. The key upgrade is a higher-quality video camera at 1080p with significantly improved IR night vision.
Video Doorbell 2 isn’t as slim as more advanced Pro and Elite models, but it can operate entirely on battery power, so, it is far easier to install and it can be attached in a larger range of locations.
The new quick-release rechargeable battery is another key differentiator. While the original Ring required to remove the device from the frame and plug the battery into a charger for several hours, the second model allows to slide the battery out and charge it via micro-USB cable.
Two interchangeable metallic color faceplates  - dark and light - are in the bundle, so you can customize the device look when repainting or replacing the front door.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

The advanced Ring Pro model features an ultra-slim design, it is a hardwired device that connects to existing doorbell wiring. It is a lot smaller device, cause it has no built-in battery - this gives more aesthetic style to your front door.
The key upgrade in this model is advanced motion detection - it allows you to set specific alerts for different zones in your yard - for example - porch, mailbox, walkway, driveway, lawn, fence etc.

Ring Video Doorbell Elite

The high-end Ring Elite model is a professional security solution for new houses and home builders. It connects to your network via an ethernet cable, using it also for power supply. Such a jamming-protected wired network connection provides superior reliability and security as compared to wireless networks.